Watch Ceet & TATS CRU Prepare For an Exhibit in China

From KFC chickens to Disney-ified Chairman Maos, French artist Ceet Fouad, has a different take on graffiti characters. “One Day With Ceet at Box Gallery” gives a behind the scenes peak at the artist’s preparations ahead of his exhibit at Box Gallery in Guangzhou, China. While helping him get ready, TATS CRU members Nicer, Bio, BG183 and Brim speak on their longtime friendship with Ceet, and admiration for his individualistic expressions. It’s an invigorated style that has seen the birth of Ceet’s Mao Zedong meets Mickey Mouse characters and sculpted work, in addition to his signature cartoon birds. Like the work on display at the exhibit, the artist has spent ten years in the region showcasing graffiti in several venues throughout China and Singapore. Check out Ceet’s canvases, sculptures, and more on his site.


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