Watch a Donald Trump Remix of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson”

He's sorry Ms. Clinton

Most Americans don’t know Charlie Brooker’s name or face but many will recognize his most famous TV show. Brooker is the creator of Black Mirror which is now a popular Netflix original. But before that, Brooker was basically the British version of Jon Stewart—though he was way ahead of the Daily Show. And every year, the comedian does a round-up of the most notable news in his annual “Wipe” series. This year, he had to talk about the unspeakable election of Donald Trump.

The “2016 Wipe” opens with Brooker talking to a producer about how this is just going to be depressing for everyone and he doesn’t want to do it. That’s true. It’s not his funniest show ever. It’s hard to make comedy out of current events these days because they’re either too dark or more absurd than any satire could make fun of.

After recapping the shit show that was our election, Brooker takes a walk in the rain, has a cup of coffee, looks into the camera and the montage set to Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” plays out with clips of Donald Trump dropping rhymes and apologizing to “Ms. Clinton.” He’s sorry Ms. Clinton, this is for real.

It also feels like an American apology to the world and the world’s apology to America that this is about to happen to us. Let’s just hope it’s not forever, forever ever, forever ever.


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