Cannabis Coalition hopeful that D.C. will legalize marijuana

Washington, D.C. Approves Marijuana Legalization Ballot Initiative

It's up to voters to do the rest.

Yesterday, the D.C. Board of Elections approved the D.C. Cannabis Coalition’s marijuana legalization ballot initiative, which will allow district voters to decide whether or not people 21 years old and up should be permitted “to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, grow the plant and sell it.”

Although the vote won’t take place until November, district residents seem to support marijuana’s legalization. In a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, 42% of D.C. voters say they would approve marijuana legalization if the legalization mirrored those that took place in Colorado and Washington.

Adam Eldinger, the chair of the Cannabis Coalition’s marijuana legalization campaign, expects D.C. to legalize the drug. He believes that “the best way for us to increase the number of votes we’ll get is simply to register people to vote,” which should be easy right? Not quite. Eldinger says that residents’ failure to register is not because they can’t, but because they “feel their vote is wasted here.”

However, with marijuana as the hot topic of discussion, Eldinger trusts that voter turnout will be as strong as ever. While racking up about 56,000 signatures for the ballot initiative, Eldinger and his team also helped register about 5,000 people “without even making voter registration a primary focus.”

Thanks to this money move by the Cannabis Coalition, D.C. is now one of three areas currently considering the legalization of marijuana. The others, Alaska and Oregon, are holding their ballot measures in November as well.

[h/t Politico]

Cannabis Coalition hopeful that D.C. will legalize marijuana

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