Warren G reading Warren G Harding

Warren G Keeps it Presidential on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Warren G for President.

President Warren G. Harding was a player, but this information was concealed for decades. It wasn’t until earlier this month— when salacious love letters he had written to his mistress were unearthed— did we know how ‘G’ Warren G. Harding actually was. The former President went in, detailing everything he wanted to do with his mistress Carrie Fulton Philips. In a letter dated January 28, 1912 Harding wrote, “If I had you today, I’d kiss and fondle you into my arms and hold you there until you said, ‘Warren, oh, Warren.’ in a benediction of blissful joy.” That’s some steamy shit.

Rapper Warren G is also a player. Creating one of the most important songs in hip hop history in “Regulators,” Warren G has cemented his legacy in the culture’s history. It only makes sense that the present player, Warren G, pays homage to players of the past, Warren G. Harding.

In this hilarious sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Warren G does just that. Watch as he reads some explicit letters that Warren G. Harding penned to his mistress. Of course Warren G keeps it regal the entire time, proving that a player is a player no matter what century it is.

Watch the video in the player up top.

Warren G reading Warren G Harding

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