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Walt Fraze “Bath House”

Walt Fraze “Bath House”


Walt Fraze is back with a brand new track, “Bath House.” The beat features light horns, heavy drums, and an airy synth that gives you the feeling the Delaware MC recorded this track in an arcade in Tokyo. We we’re curious how Mr. Fraze got the idea for the track, so we reached out to him via e-mail.

Walt Fraze

Mass Appeal: Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

Walt Fraze: I really just had a lot on my mind, so I just put it down. It’s therapeutic, just like a bath or shower after a long day. That’s why I call it “Bath House.” To me it’s the realest shit I put down so far. It may sound [weird], but sometimes you just gotta let your feelings come out on a track. That’s what we’re supposed to do as artist anyway.

MA: Who produced the track?

WF: Honestly, I don’t know who produced the track. It’s an instrumental to one of my favorite Jadakiss songs “All For The Love.”

MA: Is this track from an upcoming project? 

WF: “Bath House” is not on anything. I have been releasing loose tracks like this all spring. JIGGYLORD will be out this summer though.

MA: Based on the track and artwork, we’re assuming you’ve been to Japan before.

WF: Haha na I haven’t been to Japan yet, but I would love to go. And when I do, you’ll be the first one I tell about it. Lol.

“Made a couple yen and lost some friends. What’d you do today?”

Walt Fraze Bath House

Looking for more music from Walt Fraze? Get yourself formally acquainted by downloading his mixtape Blue.

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