Dear Internet, Wale Will No Longer Take Our Shit

Wale is apparently, "'bout that life."

Dear Internet,

We have poked at, teased, ridiculed, and persecuted Wale for quite some time now. We’ve left him off super important lists. We’ve written fucked up comments about him on message boards. We’ve been acting as if the dude doesn’t have any feelings. I mean, maybe we’re wrong for making Vines like this.

Or reposting videos like this.

Should we not leave comments like this?

Wale hating in comment sections

How about comparing our trash cans to Wale?

BauceSauce Wale tweet

Yes, Wale is entirely too sensitive to this type of ridicule, but that doesn’t take the blame off of us. We can’t single out one dude, berate him with Internet hate, and expect homeboy not to snap. Let’s proceed with caution in regards to all of our Internet trolling.

I’ve enjoyed our run, beating on Wale like a damn pinanta, but he’s reached his breaking point. Last night’s altercation, stemming from a Twitter troll asking Wale to see him in the ring and, “catch this stunner,” was just the tip of the iceberg. Wale is probably coming for us all. Hide your kids, your wives, and your Macbooks because Wale is about to go around the country like Jay and Silent Bob bitch slapping his enemies. Internet, as a whole we’ve been crazy disrespectful to dude and now it’s time to repent. Or get caught looking like this.

Wale before the fight

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