Vulkan The Krusader “Robbie Darko” EP

Vulkan the Krusader gets all experimental on yo' ass with his latest EP.

Cover Art for Vulkan The Krusader's latest experimental project, the "Robbie Darko" EP.

Rob Martinez, aka Vulkan The Krusader, hits us with his brand new Robbie Darko EP, an ethereal experimental piece perfect to break your monotonous rotation of hip hop. Vulkan is an MC, but above all he’s an artist. This project is Martinez taking on an alter-ego in the form of a (talented) lost musical member of the sadder Brat Pack. The dingy and raw sound that draws inspiration from the ’80s, with eerie and whimsical production by the likes of Franz Kirmann, Ash Lamothe, Bruce Kent, V, Mr. Familiar, DA, Runsbeatz, & Steel Tipped Dove. Although the project has many producer creds, it remains cohesive from track-to-track.

The Robbie Darko EP radiates a drowsy ambiance. Picture laying down in a sea of cherry blossoms staring up at the pinkest of skies as the sun sets. Better yet, bump “Phoenix’s Song” and think of reuniting with the love of your life on the most desolate of shores. Soft I know, but we all know you ain’t thuggin’ 24/7, homies. Just sit back, unwind with your shorty, open a bottle of Merlot, and truly take in Vulkan The Krusader’s Robbie Darko EP. You’ll thank me later.

Photo of Vulkan the Krusader.

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