V-Nasty Kreayshawn Beef: When White Girls Stop Mobbin’

So yesterday I got on my soapbox grind behind the Das Racist breakup. In all actuality, I sensed something was brewing with them, but I wasn’t sure what. And in full disclosure—as disclosed by Spin magazine yesterday—I’m in the process of developing a television show with Heems and Dap. But I digress. Victor is a good dude, and I think he’s super talented and I’m a fan. But I digress again. Well, not totally. I’m going somewhere with this. A theme: Rap Breakups!

Today, I’m on some V-Nasty Kreayshawn shite. Apparently, V has been going hard on Kreay-Kreay via Twatter. Saying she’s not real, that she doesn’t write her own rhymes. That her rhymes actually have nothing to do with the life she leads. It’s really sad to see women clawing at each other in cyber space. It’s the new mud wrestling. But V-Nasty don’t give a CHUCK. Matter of fact, mud on her face is an exhilarating look, since she’s so proud to be a “real nigga.”

Vnasty Kreayshawn beef

Before getting into this V-Nasty Kreayshawn beef, let me start off by saying that I don’t like the term “nigga.” I remember Tupac told an ex-boo journalist friend of mine that N.I.G.G.A. stood for “Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished.” God bless the dead, but that is just flat out one of the dumbest things said in the 20th century. (“Dear Momma” nearly brings me to tears every time I hear it, though.) V-Nasty loves the word—or better yet, the term—“nigga.” She caught mad flack because she’s not black and flexes the word like Waka Flocka’s mom in her titanium Ford Flex (the only one in Atlanta, by the way. Trust, I know), and I’m sure that charge was lead by a gaggle of angry black women (who have a right to be angry sometimes). “How this white bitch gonna sashay her ass around YouTube talm ’bout ‘Nigga this and Nigga that?’ PLEASE! Let her crustified ass to come to Fort Greene with that bullshit.” Yeah, I feel you ma. You mad educated.

But yo, V-Nasty is from the Bay! From the ‘hood in the Bay. She’s like, a pimp in real life. She done done time in the pen. Doesn’t that mean it’s okay for her to use the word?

I mean, at this point, I’m not the N-word police. If I was, in my neighborhood, I’d be making arrests every two seconds because these Dominican niggas love the word more than Don Omar, camel toe, and sweet plantains combined. And if you wanna brand yourself a “nigga,” be my guest. This is America. The land of many freedoms—and limitations for niggers (as in the word that spawned the kinder, gentler “nigga” word).

V-Nasty: you wear the nigga badge proudly. Go ‘head, ma. You done earned it. But why are you all of a sudden hatin’ on the little white girl who put you on? Oh, now that your friendship has gone south V is all about bashing the white girl. Because we gotta remember, V-Nasty is a real nigga, and now all of a sudden it has come to light that  Kreay-Kreay is a fake nigga. But didn’t you know that going into it, V? Didn’t you know that this whole thug life thing was marketing? I mean, weren’t you in on the money scheme in the first place? Money-Money, Gucci-Gucci, friendly-friendly PRODUCT!

Look, not everybody is built for the nigga life like you is—so how you gonna be mad at a little white girl who doesn’t necessarily write her own rhymes and doesn’t rep the Town quite like you do? The problem here, Vanessa, is that your inner pimp and inner thug got everything twisted: It was the pimp in you that went along for the ride. It was the pimp in you who laid up like a cheetah with perfect 20/20 vision and peeped the potential in the situation, you smell me?  Now you’re “on” and you’re doing songs with Gucci Mane. You have become a main attraction! Celebrate out this bitch!

Listen here, V-Nasty: tell the little thug nigga in you to fall back so you can GET THIS PAPER. Let the little white girl live. She ain’t never gonna have the life experiences that you’ve had. That is why the sky is capable of creating rainbows—we can choose to be any color we want to be. Don’t you see? Where you think the purple in your weed came from? Put the 40 down and open your eyes. I’m begging you. Maybe you and Kreay can become friends again. That would be mad wonderful. This Das Racist thing is just too much for my baboon heart as it is. Women need to stick together because these niggas is out here tryin’ to get at y’all and take advantage of y’all. I-ight?

Another thing for us to all consider is how unique the city of Oakland is. This is the town where the Black Panthers came up and fed the seeds free breakfast in the morning. Oakland is a cultural powerhouse, with its own dialects and revolutionaries pushing and pushing and pushing various cultural agendas forward. V-Nasty likes to talk like a “nigga” and Huey P. Newton—when you peep his interviews—the dude sounded like a freakin’ surfer from Redondo Beach! (Peace Greg Ginn.) He wasn’t any less black for that, though. And V-Nasty isn’t any more black for parlayin’ the way that she does.  Just a random bonus thought before peacing out.

Hey—and is it me or do Lil Debbie and Kreay Kreay look alike?

Is that racist?

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  • Clarence Fruster

    Amazing read. Hilarious yet very serious. A lot of truth is said in jest.

  • willis

    lil debbie and kreay are sisters!

  • bwomp

    nasty never did time in the pen, she was in county. & she has what they call extreme personality delusion, in which she believes the bullshit that leaves her mouth. if you live it, you ain gotta rap about it.

  • on point. i feel mad uncomfortable when these lil niglets on the train, who are deeef NOT african-american expressing it, use the n word like its the words “is” or “and”. i too, am not the n*gga police, and its hard for me to be mad cause we (meaning you know, black people,) let that sh*t happen. in the music, in daily convos. cats is reckless.

    “the nigga life” *DEAD* LOL

  • maryWUanna

    Awesome article.. Can I get an amen 4 deze hoes.

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