Pusha T and Pharrell Move That Dope Video Game

Virtually Deal Drugs With the “Move That Doh” Video Game

Let's get this paper.

So you love Future’s music video for “Move That Dope” because who doesn’t love the video for “Move That Dope.” Unfortunately, you didn’t grow up moving any dope, so when you’re singing along there’s a sense of inadequacy. I too wish I was a gangsta moving dope, or doh, or any type of illegal contraband. We all want to be like King Push, right?

Now there’s a way to simulate that feeling. In one of the greatest technological advances of 2014, you in fact move that doh – in a video game. Try out your money moving skills below and make sure to steer clear of the po-po. You can’t move that shit if your locked up.

Pusha T and Pharrell Move That Dope Video Game

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