Why Faking a Moon Landing in 1969 Was impossible

Find out why faking a moon landing in 1969 was impossible.

Writer/director S. G. Collins attempts to bring moon landing non-believers back from the brink using humor, reason and facts to thoroughly disprove their long-standing belief. A healthy dose of skepticism is normally a good thing, unless you have OD’d and ventured off into the land of make-believe, inhabited by the likes of Birthers, “Magic Bullet” believers, and conspiracy theorists of all stripes.

Cue this PSA-like wake up call.

Drawing on his knowledge of photography and camera history, Collins makes a compelling argument noting that while NASA had the ability to send three people to the moon in 1969, “they did not have the technology to fake
it on video.” The director makes it clear he isn’t doing this to White Knight the US government, and he feels conspiracy theorists would be better off focusing on questionable practices the U.S. is actual conducting.

moon landing

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