Victor Reyes Street Art Graffiti The Jungle

Victor Reyes “The Jungle” Exhibit

Animal instinct is set to the freestyle form of artist Victor Reyes. Welcome to the jungle.

Tomorrow, Saturday March 24th marks the opening of “The Jungle” by Victor Reyes. Our West Coast brethren has a worldly approach to his show. Reyes says, “my friend Dylan Maddux is living in the jungle—he lives in Cambodia. Collectively we were putting together this identity for the show that ties together this jungle, you know of the western world and the jungle of South East Asia. Basically how the worlds are co-aligned… people’s survival and what people will do to survive.”

Repping New York’s concrete jungle, we tapped Eric Haze to speak on Reyes’ artwork:

“One of the things I really respect and admire to about Victor Reyes’ work is how much it reflects a crisp design sensibility, while still clearly being such pure and freestyle painting at the same time. He is one of those artists who seems to dive off the deep end of giant walls and always manages to land squarely on his feet until the last line.

One wall that Reyes and Revok did in SF earlier this year, where they contrasted his signature black and white line work against one of Revok’s vivid color masterpieces, was definitely one of my favorite aerosol collaborations over the last few years running.” – HAZE / 2012

Exhibit Details:
Opens: March 24, 2012 | 8-11pm
Runs: March 24 – April 7, 2012

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

[Known Gallery via The Seventh Letter]

Victor Reyes Street Art Graffiti The Jungle

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