Tupac Shakur Radical Minds Griglock'd

Video: Tupac on Trial (1995)

Despite Tupac's portrayal as a hot head in public, he was wise enough to outsmart law school book worms.

Although he often made foolish decisions, Tupac was no fool. “I really don’t like crooked police.” Think about that. The fellow interviewing Pac sounds like a real Crackerjack dirtbag. He’s actually the toy in that box of Crackerjacks.

Listen to what Pac is saying here. He was a brilliant cat. It’s too bad he didn’t live to see an era in hip-hop wherein intelligence is a respected attribute–meaning that OPEN intelligence is acceptable and encouraged. Kanye may rap about expensive handbags from time to time, but you never say that the guy doesn’t have a mind sophisticated enough to solve a Rubix Cube. Tupac was radical (at times), dude.

Tupac Shakur Radical Minds Griglock'd

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