VIDEO: Troy Ave & BSB “Prize Fighter”

Mark our words: Troy Ave is going to kill it in 2013. After feeding the streets with his Bricks In My Backpack series for the past few years Brooklyn’s Brick Star Boy has made appearances on Fool’s Gold’s Loosies compilation and Pusha T’s Wrath of Caine

While rumors of major label signing swirl about Troy isn’t slowing down for anyone. In fact now that he’s got his foot in the door he bringing a long the rest of his BSB click to bumrush the entrance. “Prize Fighter” is the first video from the official BSB mixtape featuring  Ave’s co-d’s Avon Blocksdale and King Sevin. Remember the when 50 Cent was the future and his G-Unit were poised to take over? Well prepare for deja vu in the form of BSB.

The BSB mixtape drops on Monday (Mar. 4).

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