VIDEO: Travis Scott “Quintana”

VIDEO: Travis Scott “Quintana”

What did we notice about Travis Scott’s dramatical new video “Quintana?” First off, there are many “hip-hop prayer squats” happening in it. Son is really into praying while rapping. Secondly, Scott, like his G.O.O.D. music mentor Kanye West, is a big fan of juxtaposition: going from low-fi shots of himself hanging out with his homies and smoking weed to dark shots of himself alone rocking a shiny black mask for no apparent reason. Also the prayer squats in the beginning are the counterpoint to the figure with the pentagram on his chest that gets engulfed in (Hell?) flames at the end. And speaking of flames, Scott, whose alias is LA Flame, has some unkind words for his young rivals “La Flame/ don’t play no games/ these niggas is lames/ therse niggas ain’t lords we the new lords” definite shots fired at his rival Dominic Lord. Lord have mercy.