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VIDEO: Toro Y Moi “Say That”

VIDEO: Toro Y Moi “Say That”

So we were gonna totally write about how much we like Toro Y Moi’s latest video from Anything in Return and his smooth forest dance moves but then an astute YouTube commenter named Bunnyforce¬† broke it down better than we could (and with time codes!):

0:02 – Can you see me in my orange sweater? 0:19 – Scene Changes! 0:35 – Startin to boogie 0:50 – Love singing between two trees 1:07 – Draw me like one of your french girls 1:15 – Peek-a-boo! 1:24 – In-The-Groove Boogie 1:55 – I’m a plant! 2:12 – SLOTH 2:30 – Loggers tryin to get me! 2:36 – Boogie under the light 2:53 – My talkshow with dumpsters 3:00 – This was how I made Les Sins 3:24 – Nuttin but wood 3:40 – BOOGIE 4:14 – Woods, with more fog 4:44 – “Where’s the exit again?”

Watch the video above and get into the groove yourself.

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