VIDEO: Toro Y Moi “Say That”

So we were gonna totally write about how much we like Toro Y Moi’s latest video from Anything in Return and his smooth forest dance moves but then an astute YouTube commenter named Bunnyforce  broke it down better than we could (and with time codes!):

0:02 – Can you see me in my orange sweater? 0:19 – Scene Changes! 0:35 – Startin to boogie 0:50 – Love singing between two trees 1:07 – Draw me like one of your french girls 1:15 – Peek-a-boo! 1:24 – In-The-Groove Boogie 1:55 – I’m a plant! 2:12 – SLOTH 2:30 – Loggers tryin to get me! 2:36 – Boogie under the light 2:53 – My talkshow with dumpsters 3:00 – This was how I made Les Sins 3:24 – Nuttin but wood 3:40 – BOOGIE 4:14 – Woods, with more fog 4:44 – “Where’s the exit again?”

Watch the video above and get into the groove yourself.

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