Skate: “The House Vid” from Thrasher

So the bottom line is, these guys are the heshest, gnarliest, dude bros we’ve seen in a long time. From smashing staples into their own legs for fun to belligerently breaking everything (including the lights) in their own house, these guys are on another level when it comes to living by the words “skate and destroy.”

If your feeling queasy, refrain from watching this. The San Fran based clip not only features some of the most outrageous raging ever caught on film but it is also far from slacking on quality shredding. They skate everything from heavy bowls to steep handrails and you can even catch someone doing a 50-50 on a rainbow rail while laying down on his board.

Check out the video above if you love skating, partying, both, or just love watching self-mutilation in general. They keep it gutta gutta… And we love that.

thrasher house vid



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