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Video: “The Adventures of Chris Bosh In The Mutliverse”

Video: “The Adventures of Chris Bosh In The Mutliverse”

Chris Bosh is an intergalactic prince on a quest to avenge his space god father with the help of a wolf-man spirit guide. He is trying protect the world from an evil sorceress, who’s attempting to harnass the powers of the Internet to reek havoc throughout the universe. Trying to pull fact from fiction can be difficult sometimes.

The storyline for “The Adventures of Chris Bosh In The Mutliverse,” is bizarre, but when hilarity and stupidity collide in such an obnoxious manner, you know you’re onto something good. The parody began as a website created by the artist, Bleeding Palm for Borscht Film Festival, a Miami based collective which focuses on fledgling filmmakers and artists. With cartoon cameos from Mike Miller, one of the Limp Bizkit guys and the Miami face-eater victim – not to mention the soft lull of the Space Jam soundtrack in the background – you’ve got to check it out.


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