shawn powers palace

VIDEO: Shawn Powers’ “Powers Surge” for Palace

A few months ago we heard rumors that London-based skate company Palace signed their first American rider, Shawn Powers. The Queens native known for his regimented street skating and quirky spots has proved his ability in past video parts like “Caviar” and “Sognar.”

This time around, Shawn aka “SP” aka “The Ghost” aka “SP the Ghost,” might have set the bar for NYC video parts. The combination of Shawn’s roughneck style and Palace’s vintage VHS filming, creates a video that could seriously double as a time machine to take you back to a nitty-gritty early nineties New York.

From hitting a fakie 180 over a gap and into the street that causes a three-way crash with himself a taxi and a biker, to lighting a cigarette with an engulfed dollar bill, this video is must watch from start to finish.

shawn powers palace

shawn powers palace

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