VIDEO: Remy Banks “GLDCHN” Feat. Bodega BAMZ

Director Luke Monaghan has taken quite an interesting approach to creating the visuals for Remy Banks’ “GLDCHN” featuring Bodega Bamz. You know how people always say that the most of hip-hop fans don’t look like or live like the artists they listen to? Well, this video puts that hip-hop fan in the spotlight.

The “GLDCHN” video opens with an interview with rap addict Greg Wilcockson, a dough-faced, heavy-set white boy who appreciates rap as an escape from his mundane life. Throughout the rest of Remy Banks’ “GLDCHN” video we Greg transforms in to his rude and full of attitude rap alter ego and mobs through the streets of L.A. with guest artist Bodega Bamz and the rest of Bank’s World’s Fair crew. Greg’s monologue about Nick Cannon and the unfairness of life at the end is priceless. Watch the video above.

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