• VIDEO: Ratking “Piece of Shit” (Short Film)
  • VIDEO: Ratking “Piece of Shit” (Short Film)

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VIDEO: Ratking “Piece of Shit” (Short Film)


If you didn’t know by now Ratking has no interest in being your run of the mill NY underground rap group. The trio of Hak, Wiki and Sporting Life (what happened to Ramon?)  go further to earn the “avant-garde” label with their artsy new video for “Piece of Shit” from the WIKI 93 EP.

Directed by Dutch filmmaker and photographer Ari Marcopoulos the black and white clip captures the crew in their creative habitat performing the song in room with graffiti scrawled on its walls. For his part Wiki gives a performance that’s more punk band frontman than rapper. Whether you “get it” or not it’s looking like Ratking will be a force to be reckoned with in 2013.





  • bboycult

    I would like to see them on a co-bill w/Death Grips and Shabazz Palaces…….that’s that shit to bless 2013/2014 with! I’m a curator yo!

  • Fat_Face_Rick

    that fool is TOOTHLESS and RUTHLESS!!!