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Video: R. Kelly “Trapped In The Closet: The Next Installment” Trailer


R. Kelly is about to change the game, again. His Trapped In The Closet short film was so successful, it headlined the marquis at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village. Unlike other R&B acts diversifying their portfolio, R. Kelly isn’t theatre class with his craft, like in that annoying way Ne-Yo does on the big screen. Kells owns every character to the point he can slip into any member of the cast with confidence.

Word via Wikipedia is that Kells is about to lace us with another 32 chapters. That’s 10 more scenes than the last 22, which means more debauchery from Twan, his Ace Boon Kun; that nosy next door neighbor who does more snooping than Spot the Bed Bug Dog; and street entrepreneur, Pimp Lucius returning for better tales than the ones on Jersey Shore. Hail to the king.