Prince SAMO “GOJIRA (Godzilla) “

Prince SAMO just might have multiple personality disorder. Sometimes he thinks he’s David Blaine, other times he thinks he’s Reptar or Alpo but most of the time he thinks he’s Godzilla (or “ゴジラ Gojira” as the Japanese would say).

SAMO is a member if the World’s Fair collective that also includes Children of the Night and Cody B. Ware, if you’ve been paying attention you would know that they’re the Queens contingent of the “new New York” movement that Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Bodega BAMZ and the A$AP Mob are a part of.

In this video for the song from his Street Viceroy album, we find out that SAMO’s the outdoorsy type so he’s adept at guerrilla warfare and will go Rambo on you. One thing though, in one line he says he’s “horny” like Pegasus. We’d like to point out that Pegasus was a winged horse and that unicorns are the ones with horns. Learn your mythical animals SAMO!

DOWNLOAD: Prince SAMO’s Street Viceroy album


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