PREMIERE: Rocky Business “The King Is Dead”

There's a deeper meaning behind these eerie visuals.

“The king is dead, long live the king.”

In the eerie new clip for genre-bending band Rocky Business’s “King Is Dead” we get ritual sacrifice, priests who resemble Klansmen and a literal bloodbath–all a metaphor for a young man’s coming of age in this wild world we live in. Watch the clip above and try not to freak out.

From the band:

“These visuals represent the death of innocence and how it’s a ritual we all go through. From youth to adult, maturing into reality. Traveling through our urban environment learning and growing at the same time. It’s birth of one and death of another . . . It’s a sacrifice detailed in street religions and spiritual undertones. The ‘King Is Dead’ is death to the superior and power to the new youth: the new wisdom and new wavelength of urban existance with a look back to our ancient ones. The boy killed the king so the man can live. One ill nigga . . .”

Want to hear more from Rocky Business? Check out their July’s Joy mixtape featuring guest shots from Azealia Banks, Action Bronson, Om’Mas Keith, Homeboy Sandman and more.


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