VIDEO Premiere: Golden Age “Gun Clap”

Tonz o’ gunz. We got, you got, they got. As the debate over gun control rages Bay Area duo Golden Age (rapper DO D.A.T. and producer Malicious Lee) adds to the conversation with their new video for “Gun Clap.” Using clips of D.W. Griffith’s classic (and super racist) white fright film “Birth Of A Nation” they address the violence that’s woven into the fabric of American culture and society.

From director Brian Chu:

“Thanks to DO D.A.T. and Malicious Lee for the opportunity to work on this project and really proud of how it turned out. It has been a creative exercise to push the limits of a traditional music video. The movie we ripped is “The Birth of Nation”, by D. W. Griffith, and is considered public domain now. This video is all about how violence is in all of us, and we should be embracing it rather than suppressing it. There has been a history of violence in our country and there will continue to be unless we open our minds to other ways of thinking.”

Watch the video above and be on the look out for more thought-provoking music from Golden Age a group that in their words was borne from a “marriage between West Coast swag and East Coast boom bap.”



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