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VIDEO: “Politic Miami” Marks the Return of Danny Renaud

In Habitat’s classic video “Mosaics,” Danny Renaud stood out for his selection of grimy locations to skate, his power on the board, and clean style. His performance in the 2003 edit put Renaud on the map as one of the most promising young skaters around, but his destructive habits off the board nearly ended his career.

His success on the stacked Habitat team was short-lived. Renaud is quoted as saying “I got the boot from Habitat for being a nightmare.” The then 20-year-old’s reckless behavior (trashing hotel rooms, belligerent drunkenness, etc.) caused Habitat to say “adios” to the young rider.

Renaud’s luck didn’t get any better in the years following his dismissal. His already serious drinking problem was compounded by depression brought on by the death of his mother. Things would get even more tragic at a party in Miami in 2008. Renaud was skating with some friends earlier in the day and then headed to the party where he admittedly drank more than he should have. Details are sketchy, but that night an intoxicated Renaud fell off a nine story building. In the wake of the big spill Renaud had compound fractures in both legs and needed to have both his pancreas and spleen removed. It seemed like Renaud would never skate again.

Proving us all wrong after four years of recovery, Renaud’s not just back on the board but he’s getting clips! Above we have Renaud’s welcome to Politic part featuring the seasoned veteran flawlessly landing combo lines all over Dade County. It’s always great to see a  comeback story, so please support Renaud and Politic in the future.

Danny renaud

renaud danny politic

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