Mayhem Lauren Action Bronson Heems Das Racist rap

Video: Meyhem Lauren feat. Himanshu and Action Bronson “Special Effects”

Meyhem Lauren, Heems of Das Racist, Action Bronson, and producer Harry Fraud revisit their experience from SXSW, working in a small space. Cabin fever is nothing to sneeze at, unless you're these guys.

Meyhem Lauren, Himanshu Suri, Action Bronson, and Harry Fraud are dirty projectors. Not to be confused with the two chicks and two dudes making up the rock band by the same name. Also, Meyhem’s visual accompaniment to “Special Effects” shouldn’t be confused with Drake’s lo-fi video for “Over,” which screened images behind him, sitting in a four-cornered room. The difference is, “Special Effects” is the progression of Meyhem’s production of his album Respect the Fly Shit, made in a hotel room during SXSW. A small space with a bunch of rap dudes, making quality out of their “organized chaos” is what it took to create the music. For Himanshu’s directorial debut, the movie magic happened the same way.

Watch the cast of “Special Effects” speak on creating Respect the Fly Shit.

Meyhem Lauren "Special Effects" Video Shoot

Mayhem Lauren Action Bronson Heems Das Racist rap

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