VIDEO: “My Brooklyn” Trailer Tackles Gentrification in NY

The gentrification of urban centers in the U.S. like Brooklyn, New York is a touchy subject.

For transplants and the upwardly mobile, moving to areas that are transitioning from gritty ‘hood to friendly, safe and more affluent neighborhoods is a great thing–the streets get safer, property values go up and all of a sudden there are cafés, restaurants and organic markets in what used to be ghetto. And while natives of these areas can ostensibly benefit from these amenities they are often excluded from the urban renaissance by virtue of class. Higher rents, food prices, and neighborhood newbies that look down its old residents are the negative byproducts of the new New York.

Filmmakers Kelly Anderson and Allison Lirish Dean set out to tell the untold story of urban renewal in Brooklyn lifting the veneer of this hip new destination for transplants and exposing how state and city government conspired with corporations to remake Brooklyn’s historic Fulton Mall in their own image. Featuring the photos and words of “Back In The Days” photog Jamel Shabazz as well as interviews with elected officials, business people and community members old and new the doc sheds new light on the borough people associate with the Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z and HBO’s “Girls”. Check out the trailer above and go to the film’s site for more info.

R.I.P. Albee Square Mall


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