King Krule “Octopus”

Two years on from his debut, and one name change later, English singer/songwriter/producer King Krule brings along some aquatic friends in the video for “Octopus,” the double-A side companion to “Rock Bottom.” Although he no longer goes by Zoo Kid, 18-year-old Archy Marshall is still composing some of the more interesting tunes amongst his peer group.

Without coming across as particularly forced or overwrought, the often pensive Krule dives into the melody, while a motionless octopus chills in the bathroom sink, contemplating life. There’s a general unease to the red-hued confines. It could just be the calmness in which a suited-up Krule takes drags from his cigarette, as a naked girl, sporting an old-timey diving helmet, rocks back and forth in the dingy bath tub.

Yeah, that’ll do it.


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