Killer Mike “Untitled” Ft. Scar & El-P on Letterman

The list of rappers that have appeared on David Letterman’s “Late Show” is extensive. From Kanye West to Mos Def, emcees throughout the years have taken their talents onto what may just be the biggest stage in late night TV.

Monday night, Atlanta heavyweight Killer Mike blessed the “Late Show” with a performance of his “Untitled” cut off his critically acclaimed R.A.P. Music album which dropped last year. Along with Mike’s non-stop rhyming techniques, Scar contributed the vocals for the chorus and El-P pleasantly surprised with a guest appearance on the drum machine.

Go check out Mike’s R.A.P. Music  if you haven’t already and be on the lookout for a Killer Mike/El-P project in the future. When those two connect you know they come correct.

Killer mike el p david letterman late show

Killer mike el p david letterman late show

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