VIDEO: 2 Short Films on KAWS’ Companion Balloon

If you haven’t figured it out yet the inclusion of Kaws’ “Companion” in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a big deal to fans of street art and street culture the world over. Seeing the work of someone who started off in the margins of popular culture as a graffiti artist come to the center jn something as mainstream as the parade is not only an accomplishment for Brian “Kaws” Donelly but a an example of how American culture has changed in the past few decades.

Documenting this momentous occasion was a must and so we have two short films from Pharrell’s i am OTHER and Nowness that capture the magic and grandeur of the in beautiful imagery. Watch Nowness’ cinematic clip directed by ALLDAYEVERYDAY’s Jake Sumner above and enjoy i am OTHER’s video which features commentary from Kaws himself.

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