Ka Decisions Video Grief Pedigree Video

Video: Ka “Decisions”

The former member of Natural Elements and Nightbreed thinks deeper than rap, and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

The first line in Ka’s bio states he’s been rhyming for over 20 years. That means he’s been skillfully putting together words into a rhythm since ’92. How many eras of rap music can your favorite new jack say they’ve witnessed? Ka is living off experience. Remember, as cool as NY rap is now, for as long as Ka has been rapping, he’s seen it ebb and flow from good to bad, back to being currently one of the most relevant places producing originality like his own. He’s pulling from a depth of source material about the hard knocks of the streets—the ones on the crime side, Brownsville.

On “Decisions” from Ka’s second album, Grief Pedigree, he battles with choices one is faced with: sobriety vs. getting drunk, conformity vs. staying ghetto, living local or leaving town. Neither option seems like the right one. His emotionless expression is a sign of how conflicted he is internally. When he articulates the underlying issues in his raspy tone, he already sounds like he’s gone so far to find the solution that he’s at the point of no return. What Ka is doing for reality rap is in line with the brutal honesty professed by Prodigy and Roc Marciano, who snagged the sole guest feature on Grief Pedigree. Now, it’s Ka’s time.

Ka Decisions Video Grief Pedigree Video

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