VIDEO: IamSu! “Jennifer Aniston”

Don't jump to conclusions with this one.

Bet you thought this song was about cocaine when you saw its title. There you go, prejudging songs named after white girls. No, Bay Area emcee Iamsu!’s new video isn’t for a song in the tradition of Jeezy’s “Christina Aguilera.” It does however, come from a rhyme in this song that is replete with slick lines. If you’re not familiar with the Richmond, CA native you might recognize his voice from LoveRance’s “(Beat the Pussy) Up!”– a song he wrote the hook for and rhymed on before 50 Cent replaced him on the radio-friendly version.

On “Jennifer Aniston” Su takes producer P-Lo’s sinister slapper and kicks lines like “I pull up you niggas like toddler diapers/ rainin’ on you niggas like windshield wipers/ DC sniper/ I point ’em out he dead/ I got a lot of Bapesta/ and I got a lotta bread.” Letting you know that he’s stylish, dangerous and “he got him some Bathing Apes.”

Get IamSu!’s $uzy 6 $peed project is on iTunes now.

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