VIDEO: Hipster Rogers “Talkin’ Shit” (Lyric Video)

Earlier this week we introduced you to Hipster Rogers, an animated slacker and troublemaker who frequents the streets of Williamsburg and Bushwick.  The rapping embodiment of urban cool guy culture, the Hipster Rogers character is the brainchild of multimedia artist Hectah, who illustrates and animates the videos as well writes and performs the songs.

“Talkin’ Shit,” the new Hipster Rogers lyric video, gives us a preview of the type of blue comedy we can expect to hear from HR and his sidekick/roommate Thomas, as they wax poetic about their lust for a woman in the most inappropriate ways possible. In fact we’re pretty sure this is the first time anyone’s used the word “proboscis” in a rhyme about sex (don’t ask, just listen).

Expect to see more of Hipster Rogers in an upcoming graphic novel and listen to his debut mixtape at the official Hipster Rogers site.

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