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VIDEO: Hey Ho Bar Massacre — Spain’s DIY Skate Bar

VIDEO: Hey Ho Bar Massacre — Spain’s DIY Skate Bar

Out in Barcelona skaters are taking the commonly associated activities of drinking and skating to a new level. This group of skaters came together and created what, might be the first half bar/half bowl. Perfect for slamming down shots while you’re dropping in.

The video above is the first of a weekly series they’re calling “Hey Ho Bar Massacre” which will feature a new team of skaters getting hammered and throwing themselves up the sketchy transition. This weeks team consists of Andrea Cavaletti, Yeray Escobar and Tino Arena riding for Gypsy Skateboards. It seems like every time they don’t land a trick,they have to take a shot and try again which equates to a few drunk skaters trying everything from lighting a board on fire to ripping the spot naked.

Check out photos from the creation of the DIY project and be on the look out for the weekly Hey Ho Bar Massacre series.

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