VIDEO: “Gimme the Loot” (Movie Trailer)

Part heist flick, part love story, “Gimme the Loot” tells the tale of two graffiti writers’ struggle to come up and conquer New York City. This SXSW Grand Jury Prize winner follows Malcolm and Sofia’s attempted rise, as the pair devise a scheme to outshine competitors. After a rival crew goes over one of their pieces, they agree on getting revenge by hitting a major NYC landmark. In this case it’s the NY Mets’ iconic homerun apple. The problem is, the two teens have empty pockets, and only two days to raise the $500 needed. Becoming all city kings/queens doesn’t come cheap in director Adam Leon’s full-length debut film. Having already racked up a series of honors over the past year, “Gimme the Loot” will see limited release on March 22.

Director and cast Q&A with The Film Society of Lincoln Center:

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