VIDEO: “From Russia With Love” Documents Drifting in Putinland

In its 35-minute runtime, “From Russia With Love” is filled with some of the most deviant on-screen activities seen out of Russians since “Eastern Promises.” It starts off innocently enough with an R33 Nissan Skyline sliding across an empty road in the rain. Once the car enters a trafficked area, things quickly escalate from there.

Soon enough, the R33 is joined by an array of Japanese Domestic Market drifting staples such as Toyota Chasers, Mark IIs and Soarers. Much like China, and other South Asian countries, Russian car enthusiasts have access to a diverse catalog of JDM greats, which most North Americans can’t lay their hands on.

The drivers certainly exploit this with wild, all-weather tandem drifts in a synchronized automotive ballet that attracts girls and local authorities in equal measure. Half an hour, a few busted tires and suspensions components later, the wheels keep spinning, come rain or come shine.


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