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Fred Armisen Talks Death Grips on Rachel Ray

Fred Armisen Talks Death Grips on Rachel Ray

You know what’s bizarre? Bizarre is hearing anti-establishment band Death Grips name-dropped on wholesome daytime talk show host Rachel Ray’s program. That’s odd to say the least, but it’s exactly what happened when Saturday Night Live comedian Fred Armisen was given 60 seconds to say anything on national TV.

In the minute he had to speak his mind, Armisen mentioned how Death Grips drummer Zach Hill is “a musician who I really think is the greatest ever,” and proclaimed Hill “reinvented how someone drums.” Considering Armisen’s own musical background and extensive connections, (such as his Portlandia co-host and Sleater-Kinney founder, Carrie Brownstein), that’s high praise. So, while Ray’s audience sits perplexed by his reference, the rest of us will just smile and nod.


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