VIDEO: Flatbush Zombies “MRAZ”

We have no idea what this video and song have to do with Jason Mraz. Jason Mraz is so goddamn lame that we hope the song’s title is purely coincidental.”MRAZ.” the latest clip from the Flatbush Zombies, is directed by Madbury Club leader Phillip Annand and edited by M.C. photog extraordinaire Vinny Picone who shot it with fellow photographer TONE.

Simple shots of the Zombies going to the supermarket, walking the streets of Brooklyn and performing in a makeshift home studio become psychedelic scenes when Annand and Picone work their magic.

The track itself presents Meechy Darko, Erick Arc Elliott at their most lyrical dispelling any doubt that the three Brooklynites were serious spitters. Check out the vibrant new video above. And don’t put droplets of acid in your juice drinks like they do in the video unless you’re in the company of trusted friends, family or medical professionals.




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  • NAledge

    yo, who would be good enough to tell me whats the song in the store at the beginning !? thanks Y’all