Fat Joe “Yellow Tape” f. Lil’ Wayne, A$AP Rocky & French Montana

Fat Joe just dropped the his video for “Yellow Tape” featuring Lil’ Wayne, French Montana and A$AP Rocky and here are our observations:

1. The video hoes vixens in this clip are sittin’ around lookin’ all nonplussed.

2. New rule: If your wave is in danger of waning or has waned do a posse cut with everyone who’s hot out so that you can benefit from their fiery flames. (See: French Montana’s “Pop That” featuring Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne and Drake,  A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problem” featuring 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and Drake and this song.)

3. Nuvo Red Velvet Cake bottles are indestructible; they can explode but then they will magically reform because you cannot destroy Nuvo, only only consume it. This is called the Law of Conservation of  Nuvo.

4. A$AP throws the wrong gang signs when he mentions the Bloods and Crips in his verse (“c” is not for soo-woo and “b” not for crips, doy!)

5. Chi Ali cameo!

6. Pushing French Montana on a skateboard is really fun.

Fat Joe Lil Wayne French Montana Yellow Tape

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