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VIDEO: Eddie Huang Speaks at TED 2013

VIDEO: Eddie Huang Speaks at TED 2013

You can’t stop the Prophet. Chef, author and Cam’Ron fan Eddie Huang recently announced that he’d lost his TED Fellowship on Twitter and now an audience filmed video of his presentation has made its way to the Interwebs.

The host of Vice’s “Fresh Off The Boat” food travel series and the author of a book of the same name, gave a humorous and thought-provoking speech at the TED 2013 conference in Long Beach, Calif yesterday (Feb. 28). In Eddie Huang’s TED talk he addresses personal experiences with food, racism, culture and assimilation. Huang tells a story about the pungent Taiwanese home cooking his mother prepared for his grade school lunches, feeling alienated, being called a “chink” and his decision to not let the dominant culture in the U.S. define himself. Fuck assimilating. Check out Eddie Huang’s TED talk above.

Eddie Huang Ted Talk 2013

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