Jinbo x Digipedi “Fantasy”

For his latest collaborative project, Korean singer/producer Jinbo (진보), aka Jinbo the SuperFreak, enlisted top directing duo, Digipedi for the visuals to their new joint release, “Fantasy.”

After grinding for years doing everything from features with Asian rap luminaries Epik High, to funky electronic covers of pop queen BoA, Jinbo hits us with chill out sounds, as he flows freely between Korean and English.

Like the Digipedi-directed clip to “Cops Come Knock” Jin spends a some more time just lampin’ about the crib with company. The spot is mostly featureless, light on furniture (apart from a bed), and at one point he’s posted up in a wooden box, surrounded by nothing but his sneaker collection, while his lady feeds him. Yup, sounds like the average dude, except this one can sing while eating stale canned goods. We’d expect that type of versatility from the same guy who took Soshi’s power pop hit “Gee” and flipped it into the smooth R&B cover, “Damn.”

If you can read Korean, or have a mean auto translator app, check out his Tistory blog, for more. Otherwise, keep it simple with the SoundCloud, and peep some of the other videos helmed by the creative lensmen (start with Primary, Dynamic Duo, and DJ Clazzi).

The full Digipedi x Jinbo “Fantasy” album drops Feb. 13.


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  • bboycult

    Aiight….that was sexy as hell though. Makes me young again; like when Big Lez was a background dancer/choreographer.