Video: Denitia and Sene “trip.fall”

Here we have the visuals for Denitia and Sene’s single “trip.fall” from their debut EP blah blah blah. The Cam Be-directed video complements the dreamy music with its all white tone and time lapsing feature, creating an overall engaging experience for the listener/viewer.

Since first hearing Denitia and Sene’s collaborative effort last year we’ve been eagerly waiting for the next project. Until this duo emerged, we only knew Sene for his ventures on the microphone through his LP Brooklyknight and his work with The Clubhouse. This effort to expand his musical horizons by both producing and writing songs  like “tip.fall”  is really showing his true artistic capabilities.

Mass Appeal had the chance to ask Denitia and Sene for some insight on collaboration and how it came about. Check out what they had to say below and look out for a full length project by the duo later this year.

Sene: “I have these sessions where I go in and produce a record or select someone else’s production that they’ve given me to rap on and pen lyrics for singing. When I met Denitia I realized I met one of the people I felt could bring these songs to life. More importantly, I was finally hearing them performed how I envisioned them sounding. Once the first few were recording I knew we had something and that we should move forward in releasing these pieces as a team.”

Denitia: “My favorite part about working with Sene. is how organic the collaboration is. We see eye to eye stylistically on a lot of levels, and we are really straightforward with each other.”

denita-and-sene blah blah blah trip.fall


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  • CHaley

    The songs Sene produces are
    My favorites Although the others are cool too
    These guys will be big And I would put Money On it.