Bob Marley Documentary Film Black and White

Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Bunny Wailer Interview from Marley

With Jamaica celebrating 50 years of independence this year, another major event is about to take place—Bob Marley's documentary is released on 4/20. Catch a fire!

This 4/20, when the peace pipe is blazing at its brightest, many of lighters will be raised for the late-great Bob Marley when his documentary hits theaters. The film titled, Marley produced by Magnolia Pictures will mark another milestone for the legend who already holds a major record as one of the highest selling musicians of all time, especially in the after life. Bob’s crossover ability is a testament to what any musician could aspire to in today’s time of convergence. Landing critical placement throughout Big Willie’s I Am Legend, Bob’s music was placed on Hollywood’s platform for new audiences. But now the Marley story is truly told in depth by family, former members of the Wailers, and much more. The scene above is just a slice of what to expect.


Bob Marley Documentary Film Black and White

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