VIDEO: Blind Skateboarder Grinds in “Brave”

Peep blind skateboarders grind in "Brave".

“Skate or die” takes on a new meaning when you’re blind, and the trucks you may be checking for are actual vehicles. So, you can bust a few tricks, but have you ever tried busting a few tricks on weeee… er, while visually impaired? Nah? Well, pay attention as Tommy Carroll’s inspiring story unfolds in “Brave.”

Although retinal cancer left him blind at the age of two, Carroll’s been skating since he was 10-years-old, undaunted by his inability to fully take in his surroundings. He hits the skate park early to avoid potential collisions as much as possible once things get crowded, which frees him up to go harder as he progresses, protective padding in tow. If a blind teen can catch air on a board, imagine what you can accomplish if you watched a few less cat videos.


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