VIDEO: A$ton Matthews “Hell In A Cell”

Long Beach, California’s A$ton Matthews is really good at looking menacing and pretty much insane in his music videos. Maybe it’s the blank, sociopath-like expression on his face or his evil eyes or the way he swings around a machete–something is just a little off about him.

Matthews has a flair for the dark, sinister and graphically just like his Cutthroat Boyz cohorts Vince Staples and Joey Fatt$. In The ICU-directed clip for “Hell In A Cell” our favorite Guatemalan Blood cruises the streets of L.A. at night sippin’ lean and by day he recites his rhymes while swinging the aforementioned machete looking completely crazyndalazdayz. Joey Fatts makes a cameo appearance only to help Aston set a snitch up to be killed by Matthews after they make liquor store run together. If that ain’t cutthroat we don’t know what is.

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