Meet A$AP Rocky’s “Spirit Guide” A$AP Yams

A$AP Rocky has a spiritual guide, and his name is A$AP Yams. Find out why he's responsible for much of Rocky's success.

In Star Wars terms, behind the scenes man A$AP Yams would be Yoda, to A$AP Rocky’s Luke Skywalker. The Harlem native sat down with The New York Times to speak on their relationship and Long.Live.A$AP. Yams, aka Yamborghini, aka too-many-names-to-print-on-one-page, lets it be known that “realistically [ . . . ] I’m the boss of the whole operation.”

Additionally, the self-proclaimed “spirit guide” provides advice on life and music to Rocky, along with a, uhm, spirited defense of his music. To criticisms of A$AP not sounding like a New York rapper, Yams feels people need to “get with the program” of post-regional era music, equating Long.Live.A$AP with NY standards like Life After Death, Hard Knock Life and Get Rich or Die Tryin’.


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