Allan Kingdom “GOAT”

We can all be the GOAT!

Allow us to state the obvious: newcomer Allan Kingdom is weird. It’s not a bad thing though. He unabashedly revels in his otherness—flaunting it in the face of convention.  So even at a time when being “different” in en vogue, he goes even further left than his peers.

His self-directed video for “G.O.A.T.”  features Kingdom in all his geek-freak glory doing West African-style dances in front a green screen background that alternates between colorful kente cloth prints, floral and paisley prints. He marches around like a cartoon hobo with his possessions in a piece of cloth tied to a stick. He states pretty plainly that his off-kilter swag caused some to label him gay in school. He dances around with his friends and it looks like a house party that a teenaged Denise Huxtable would’ve thrown if her parents Cliff and Claire weren’t home.

He might be having more fun than you are.

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