VIDEO: “1UP x Grifters Code – Very Good Guys” Trailer

Throw together two groups known for lurking in train tunnels, drop them in Lisbon, Portugal and what do you wind up with? The on-camera hijinks of German graffiti crew 1UP and their brothers-in-infamy, The Grifters. After a quick taxi cab confession, they’re off to paint the town red… silver, black and a bunch of other colors. This trailer for “1UP x Grifters Code – Very Good Guys” shows you how to bomb in unison while making friends with the locals. And the true sign of the two crews’ European union? It’s displayed across the cheeks of the human postcard they picked up in the Portuguese capital. Catch all the deviant behavior when “1UP x Grifters Code – Very Good Guys” drops soon.


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  • bboycult

    Catch Wreck then! SALUT!