Vic Mensa “Time Is Money” ft. Rockie Fresh & Beldina (Prod. Boi 1da & Maven Boys)

SaveMoney’s Vic Mensa drops another smooth cut off his INNANETAPE, featuring rapper, Rockie Fresh and singer, Belinda.

Time Is Money cover artwork

Today rapper Vic Mensa dropped his first collaborative cut to stray outside is tight-knit SaveMoney crew, featuring fellow Chicagoan, Rockie Fresh and vocalist Beldina. Though always weaving heavier content than just weed and partying into his rhymes, “Time Is Money” is the first track from Mensa exhibiting a deeper moral character. Addressing a myriad of heavier topics, from gun control, education, and ineffective government, the track takes on a somber yet melodic feel.

“If you’re gonna die, might as well die young / trying to be optimistic, but politicians cut schools, buy guns / but when the shots is looking at the ones that’ll lose they son / Instead they send em’ to private school and pull back on public funds, while functioning as if they can begin to fathom where the fuck we coming from.”

Vic’s sing-songy words and quick-witted lyricism lend to some of his best lines to date, while eliciting an overall feel that’s anything but carefree. “They say the darkest night come before the brightest morning / I’d like to think I’d ask the right things if God was here before me.” There’s a moral to his message, one we hear echoed over and over again in lines like, “…make money, but the money you make don’t make you.” In comparison to other young-and-comers like Chief Keef and French Montana, Vic Mensa promises the next generation of hip hop stars are about more than just the hype.

Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE is due out later this month.

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