Vic Mensa interview Orange Soda

Stars & Hype Forever: Vic Mensa

Stars & Hype Forever is your in-depth guide to what’s next in hip hop. Each week we profile an artist you need to know about, first up we have SaveMoney's Vic Mensa.

Vic Mensa interview polaroid for Mass Appeal's Stars & Hype Forever. Photo by Winston Blake.

Essential Jams:
“Orange Soda”
“Hollywood LA”

“Time Is Money”

Choice Lines: Fell in love when I was fifteen, I guess you could call it tennis / My tendency for this music is so much deeper than business.” (Orange Soda)
“…Make money, but the money you make don’t make you.” (Time Is Money)
Most Likely To: Be a clepto #Savemoney
Least Likely To: Get an endorsement deal with Pepsi
High School Award: Most Outgoing
Words To Live By: “I’ma real ass n*gga, and SaveMoney my brothas. INNANETAPE this August.”
File Next To: Chance The Rapper, Qwel, the 5th member of Overdose + J. Cole
Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook
Hypeability: 4 (out of 5)
4 starz

 @itsadredogg and @_YOADRIAN encourage you to always reach for the stars and never believe the hype.

Huge shout out to Winston Blake for the beyond dope photoshoot and Mike Lukowski for the killer artwork.

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Vic Mensa interview Orange Soda

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